Physical fitness is an important factor in the overall development of a child, enabling better health and skills such as teamwork, leadership, goal-setting, decision-making and time management.

At Rassaz, we offer a wide range of sports and provide a platform to compete at state and national levels.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Carrom
  • Roller Skating
  • Martial Arts


Rassaz provides a platform for them to explore different avenues of music.

  • Coaching for a wide range of musical instruments
  • Teaching folk songs from varied parts of the country
  • Interaction with professional musicians


We place special emphasis on enriching the creativity of students and provide facilities for them to explore various kinds of arts and crafts.

  • Sketching, painting and drawing
  • Illustrations and caricature making
  • Sparrow art, jewellery design, candle making and fruit art
  • Photography classes


Through drama, we help them express themselves better, relate to their peers and develop essential life skills.

  • Emphasis on dialogue delivery and acting methods to boost confidence
  • Addressing social issues to create awareness
  • Miming and read-aloud activities to enhance all aspects of communication
  • Focus on body language and spoken skills through role plays
  • Innovative costume ideas to enhance creativity and imagination

Student Council

We have an active student council to develop leadership skills, responsibility and accountability

  • The council takes charge of extra-curricular activities, sports and student participation so as to familiarize students with the basics of organizational structure and functioning
  • Designated and dedicated faculty provides constant support and guidance to the students
Student Council