"Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great."
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

I welcome you to Rassaz ICSE and International School.

A complete grown personality has to have a balance of physical, emotional, social and spiritual. The new generation of children exhibit skills and talents of unparalleled genius. The future belongs to those who are Inquires, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Principled, Communicators, Open minded, Risk takers and Reflective.

Guided by these virtues, we run our programs, keeping in mind the potential of each child and a way to identify the inherent potential of child and then to nurture it. A child centric place, RIS offers spectrum of activities leading to multiple experiences and enrichment of students’. Each of these activities is like the beads of a necklace, tied to a common thread – of Trust and Excellence.

I believe that greatness lies innately in every child . It is the task of the society to give it an impetus and a congenial environment to develop it. Every child has a unique way of feeling, thinking, and interacting with others. Our goal is to ensure that all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers and prolific writers. We do all of this to prepare students for the demands of the real-world so you may become productive citizens, become our future leaders, and contribute and/or give back something positive to the community.

We also recognize the need to walk towards the future and implement various strategies to train the children to face the ever evolving world of “tomorrow”. The children are introduced to the digital world in a guided and supervised manner so as to prepare them to be global citizen in future.

As an educationist it will always be my motto to provide an enriching environment for my students as I am aware that what is sown today in these young minds will define the future of India or a globe as a whole.