Welcome to wholesome education that goes beyond books! At Rassaz International, we evolve ourselves every day to create a holistic learning environment for each student free from any difference, limitation, and inhibition. The curriculum and lifestyle at RIS focus on overall development and nurturing in students the knowledge and skills essential for success in the coming years. Our approach to education is inquiry-based and application-oriented across all subjects. There is a strong emphasis on alternate routes of learning...

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Our Unique HALEs Methodology


Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory

Based on Howard Gardner’s identification of seven distinct types of intelligence, teaching is done through kinesthetics, music, visuals, verbal, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic methods.


Assessment Regularly

Policy of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE) has formative assessment in our evaluation system. By regularizing and increasing the frequency of assessments. Thus, there is greater time for assimilation, retention and building a base for higher order thinking process of analysis, reasoning and integrating the lessons learnt.


Language Enhancements Programs

Basis every student's unique learning style, we focus on strengthening their English through debates, elocution, recitals etc.



Web-based instructions and online information sources are used to enhance student’s active learning.


Specialized, Individual Attention

With a student-teacher ratio of 20:1 for pre-primary and 30:1 for classes 1-8, we cater to the unique, individual requirements of each and every student by giving them personal attention.

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Dear Parents,
We believe the core purpose of education is to provide children with a learning environment that brings out the best in them! We know every child endows a unique set of attributes and abilities, that needs nurturing. We must build bridges of respect, trust, honesty and friendship together so we can encourage our

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We welcome you to Rassaz International School, a school beyond conventional norms where we facilitate World-Class infrastructure and provide a creative and unique academic curriculum to engrave strong values in our future leaders. It is our responsibility to inculcate strong moral values, integrity, honesty, creativity, imagination, perseverance,

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Managing Trustee

Welcome to Rassaz!
Here, we prepare students for the real world. As Albert Einstein said, “learning is experience”. Everything else is just information. Knowledge is better and more effectively imparted when taught through a real life incident, experiment or training.


Mrs. Anjum Siddiqui

"My son acted as Sherlock Holmes and my daughter as Princess Aurora. Everyone enacted their characters very well, and I really applaud the teachers for giving their time and patience to do such kind of activities for the kids.

Overall, I like the experience that my kids have, reading books, because I feel that going into the world of books and

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MRS. Tabassum Khan

“I have seen good changes in my son, studies wise and behaviour wise also. I am happy with the teachers' efforts to bring my child to a good level in studies and manners, both. Thank you!”

Mr. Singh

"This is the second year for Aryan in Rassaz International School, and the events that take place in the school are absolutely perfect... such as fancy-dress, book-reading and other competitions. What these guys learn with every competition is how to grow themselves, how to learn good things and better things."

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