• How will you ensure that R.I.S stays true to its vision of a holistic education, creativity and lifelong learning? How can you prevent students being pressurized into home tuitions and short-sighted competitions for marks?

    We will use a lot of vigilance and the sustained commitment of a creative and well-educated teaching staff and leadership team. We need to develop a school culture of creativity, holistic education, and lifelong learning. This begins with the adults in the school.. It is important to recognize the role that parents must play in developing such exciting and creative spaces. Like teachers, parents must model creativity and lifelong learning. When students come home from school, parents must take an interest in what the students are learning or doing rather than the marks they are receiving. If a student is passionate and creative about what she is learning, and if she feels supported by her teachers and her parents, then the good marks will certainly come.

  • What makes Rassaz ICSE and International School different from other international schools?

    Rassaz ICSE and International School is an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, which focuses on developing the whole child at every level of development. By providing state-of-the-art learning facilities and fully espousing the Learner Profile and its core philosophy, Rassaz ICSE and International School enables students to pursue well-rounded academic excellence. Rassaz ICSE and International School recognizes that besides academics, good learning is also about enjoying the experience of life as a whole through the arts, athletics, outreach and much more.

  • How will my child adjust from the traditional methods of board exams to the modern methods of international education?

    The international approach to education is fun, friendly, student-centered and activity based, and students adjust quickly. Students love to learn, and since our approach is based on learning, students love it. Most students are a little bit shy at first, and there are a few anxious moments when they are asked to present their ideas, communicate clearly, work in groups, ask questions, and formulate clear and convincing arguments. However, students quickly overcome their fears, doubts and anxieties, and become more confident learners.

  • Who are the teachers?

    Rassaz ICSE and International School has hired a mix of teachers from mumbai, consistent with our mission. We are committed to hiring the best available schoolteachers and we have an extensive and rigorous interview process. We realize that a school is only as good as its teachers, and recruiting and retaining great teachers is our top priority.

  • What are the class timings?

    Preschool will begin at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 noon. Primary will work from 7:00am to 1:00pm.

  • Are the students safe on your campus?

    Entrances to school properties are controlled by campus security guards. We have 24/7 cctv surveillance in every nook and corner of the school. Visitors are required to sign a register and are given a pass only if their purpose on campus is legitimate.