Our Guidance Philosophy

At the crucial stage of making a choice for higher education, students are often not aware of the various options available, and undergo a stressful time period while choosing courses and universities. Rassaz International School believes that a planned approach on matters of high importance such as career and college planning would go a long way in a student’s life, leading and guiding his/her success.

At Rassaz, we offer a wide range of sports and provide a platform to compete at state and national levels.

  • Course-selection assistance
  • Psychometric test
  • Stream selector test
  • Updates on deadlines for related tests and applications
  • Guidance on scholarships and funding options
  • Associations with universities, experts and counsellors


We organize guest lectures by industry specialists from various fields so that students are able to explore a wide variety of career options and start molding themselves with the required skills.

Some of our speakers include:

  • Agriculture experts talking about unique practices such as hydroponics
  • Robotics professionals teaching basic software skills
  • Authors and bloggers to explore fictional and non-fictional writing as a career option
  • Design experts focusing on the importance and future of the field


We at Rassaz International School, conduct various workshops to enhance the skills of students.

  • A Leap to The Future of Tech: Conducting robotics and mobile app building workshops
  • Walk The Talk: Imbibing core life-values
  • Saviors of The Planet: Teaching sustainability at an early age
  • Rassaz Meets the World: International exposure through exchange programs
  • Speech enhancement workshops

Career Guidance Calendar

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