Rassaz Smart Kids Pre-Primary

We understand that the first five years of a child's life are critical for development and hence provide an education right from the pre-primary stage.

  • Focusing on the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the students.
  • We focus on engaging the child through creative teaching methods, stimulating curiosity and imagination.
  • We intend to promote practical learning such that the learning child is able to connect day-to-day activities with learning.
  • Pre-primary stage evolves from playgroup to the nursery where every child is nourished with tenderness and handled with care.


  • The primary grades at Rassaz expose students to various facets of personal development.
  • We help them in developing critical thinking and logical judgment abilities.
  • At this stage, the focus is on conceptual learning and familiarizing students with higher learning concepts and knowledge assimilation while developing essential academic habits and honing their skill sets.
  • Our primary stage evolves from the 1st to the 4th standard.


  • Expanding the horizons of learning and mastery of advanced concepts and skills.
  • Overall enhancements required to excel in the real world through advanced teaching methods.
  • The faculty deploys a holistic learning experience through various workshops, competitions and seminars in addition to regular classes, sports, and art & craft.


A curriculum which goes beyond the recommended printed expressions of course readings and the bounds of the classroom to give a 360 degree perspective of a known fact in any given subject. The outcome is dissecting, testing, applying, evaluating and provoking the demonstrated certainties to make new true learning for the coming ages.

Reflects contemporary thinking about what students need to learn in order to lead successful and rewarding lives.

The ‘advanced educational programs’ unequivocally observes the Curriculum Frameworks of the distinctive Boards and the social setting of the student. The goals and aims of education being universal remain the same for the varying boards. What is predominantly different is their approach to education and assessments.

At RIS we shall implement the policy of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE) and introduce formative assessment in our evaluation system. It is assessing the students as they are learning. It takes away the attitude of neglecting the habit of studying daily, doing assessment regularly and forming a habit of learning something every day.

Curriculum Curriculum

Our Unique HALEs Methodology


Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory

Based on Howard Gardner’s identification of seven distinct types of intelligence, teaching is done through kinesthetics, music, visuals, verbal, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic methods.


Assessment Regularly

Policy of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE) has formative assessment in our evaluation system. By regularizing and increasing the frequency of assessments. Thus, there is greater time for assimilation, retention and building a base for higher order thinking process of analysis, reasoning and integrating the lessons learnt.


Language Enhancements Programs

Basis every student's unique learning style, we focus on strengthening their English through debates, elocution, recitals etc.



Web-based instructions and online information sources are used to enhance student’s active learning.


Specialized, Individual Attention

With a student-teacher ratio of 20:1 for pre-primary and 30:1 for classes 1-8, we cater to the unique, individual requirements of each and every student by giving them personal attention.


We take staff development as seriously as we do student development and all faculty are hand-picked after due diligence. Our teachers meet the highest levels of qualification required and are trained to equip students through the latest teaching methods in the evolving education domain through regular workshops.