A Nurturing & Creative World

  • We believe that every child is unique and understands and learns in his own way.
  • Our goal is to strengthen and develop each student's true potential.
  • Children develops essential skills like communication thinking and research skills.
  • Experiential learning occurs through activities such as outdoor free play, role play and creative expression through art while exploring childs surrounding environment.
  • Schooling at R.I.S
    • Development of critical, thinking skills
    • Inquiry Based learning
    • Structured Arts & Physical Education Program
    • Teachers as facilitators
    • Parents as partners in the learning process
  • Traditional Blend

    Our teaching methodology begins from our ancestors till modern day, the program in today's scenario has been proposed with new theories by adopting ideas from past

  • Our Infrastructure
    • Spacious, temperature controlled classrooms for the child's ease and comfort.
    • Attractive, colourful child friendly furniture.
    • Large Play Room with play equipment of the best quality with safety of children in mind.
    • Huge Playground for outdoor play and recreation.
  • Our Teacher

    A person who teaches, plays mother in our school.

    "our history teacher help her student's hand for a moment and their heart for a life time"

    Synonyms : love, mother, tutor, nurture, raise, mentor, facilitator educator, guide; More